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Q. If I pre-register online, when will I find out if I have been selected to participate in an upcoming SUCH Counselor Tour?
A: You will be notified six months in advance.

Q. Is it possible for me to leave the SUCH tour early?
A: No. We recommend that you register for a SUCH tour that fully accommodates your schedule, keeping in mind that you are expected to stay for the duration of the tour.

Q. Can I reserve a single room for the SUCH tour?
A: Accommodations provided and fully paid for are based on double occupancy. However, depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate a single room if requested well in advance. You will be responsible for one-half of the room’s cost.

Q. Will I be expected to participate in all of the tour’s scheduled events?
A: Yes. Only for illness or extreme circumstances will participation not be required in all sponsored events, meals, and other activities of the SUCH tour.

Q. Will I be able to drive my own car during the tour?
A: Unfortunately, no. All participants are expected to ride the bus to each college campus with the rest of the SUCH group.

Q. Will I be able to meet with former students from my high school?
A: Each college or university will make every effort to contact former students from your high school to allow you to meet with them during your campus visit.

Q. Will I be able to check my e-mail during the SUCH tour?
A: Due to the active and busy schedule of the SUCH tour, it is highly unlikely that you will find the time to regularly check e-mail while on the college campuses. However, you will be able to access e-mail on the bus and at the hotel.

Q. What should I do if I have specific dietary restrictions or physical limitations?
A: Please contact the SUCH coordinators as far in advance as possible should you have any specific dietary restrictions or needs.

Q. Will there be workout facilities available for my use during the tour?
A: You can expect the highly active nature of the SUCH tour to satisfy some needs for a workout--you will be walking a great deal! Fitness facilities are available through the hotels for early morning or late night workouts.